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    For sale left hand remington m700

    I am going to sell my Left handed Remington M700 BDL in 22-250 as i no longer do fox control.

    Since i got my 308 moderated it has not been out of the gun box more than once a year.

    It has been Pillar bedded, free floated, has tuned remington trigger and screw cut in 1/2 UNF for moderator. It has been oil finished and shoots very tight groups @ 125m.

    Pictures as requested. Rifles are buggers to take pictures of, these are poor but the gun is a stragiht as they come. Just realised that the scope on this is S/B, shows last time i shot it. The scope is not part of the deal.

    Rifle and 2 sets of mounts, dies loads of brass (purchased not shot)and 60 ish rounds made for gun 350. Doctor Scope 300.

    I will post pictures if anyone is interested.

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    open to offers for Scope or Rifle.

    Left handed rifles are hard to come by allegedly?

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    very interested in the scope, can i have more details please.

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    The Scope is on top of the rifle in RFD at moment.

    He says he has someone after whole rig. I have another scope i could mount on it but need to give him a week to see how it plays out.

    The Scope is not a unipoint but the earlier VSF model from around 2003/2004. Was from South Ayrshire Shooting supplies and was top of range at the time.

    It is optically superb and was recenly serviced (2008) by Docter. That is the reason it is not on my 308 rig as when it went back to Germany I was offered a few days and went and borrowed another S&B scope. I then kept the scope as it has same reticle and thought Docter would be good know how it goes.

    Will update in a few days, thanks for the PM's and interest.

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    Docter Optic 3-12 x 56 VSF

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    Remington BDL (LEFTHANDED)

    As you can see from this 1st post from august 2009 I am still trying to sell my Remington BDL (LEFTHANDED)
    It has been gathering dust in alex dalgliesh gunmakers in Eaglesham for over a year. I really need to get rid and dont want another rifle so I am open to offers.

    The Docter scope is gone but there is a Hakko Superb 6x42 on it at present and I have a Simmons Deerfield 3-10x50 than can be mounted if need be.

    This is a really good rifle that has NOT seen a lot of rounds. In 5 years I bought 3 boxes of ammo and reloaded them once. I still have most of them.

    I have to many other toys.


    PM me with offers.

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    I was up the gunshop at weekend and the scope on top of the M700 is Hakko Superb 6 x 42. It is actually not a bad scope and is on the 30mm rings with mounts.

    First offer of 300 and it is gone.

    40 rounds (40+)
    2 sets of Rings, 1" medium and 30mm high (40+)
    Set of dies (30+)

    Equals very rifle cheap
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