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    viht n135

    hi guys, just been to the local to pick up some supplies and its seeming like my usual powder choice of h4895 is out the window for a while, allegedly it might not be available to me until next year. I picked up some viht n135 to try for my .223 using 53 grain bullets and .308 using 150s. I will be going down the usual working up a load etc but I was just wondering if any of you have had much success with it in the above cals. I must confess to not knowing how much of a replacement it will be but fingers crossed. apparently viht is having a bit of grief too, having gone into administration? cheers for any replies boys and girls

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    It's flipping excellent. My choice powder for 22BR, 22-250 and, when I owned one, 308.

    Check out the download sheets of the Lapua site for loading data. Sierra also have data in their manuals: I use that.

    Pity about the stories if administration: they make damb good propellant. I believe they were safer as part of Kemira OY (now part of Yara International, apparently) who made fertilizer...

    EURENCO - news - EURENCO inaugurates cast PBX production workshop for I.M. shells
    So, from this, they own what was Bofors and Vihtavuori...I wonder if the Clermont outfit is the lot that make RamShot...

    "From November 1st 2011, EURENCO has adapted its organization to face the evolution of its environment and market growth.

    Operations are now managed through 4 divisions
    - Explosives, operating the Sorgues (France) site;
    - Propellants, operating the Clermont (Belgium), Karlskoga (Sweden) and Vihtavuori (Finland) sites, and EURENCO Bofors Inc. in Washington DC (USA);
    - Modular Charges and Combustible Items, operating the Bergerac (France) site;
    - Additives, operating EURENCO Inc. in Houston (USA).

    Each division is in charge of federating sales and marketing actions, and the management of R&D and production programs carried out by their operational plants.

    The corporate head office is located in Paris, under the authority of the CEO, Jacques Cardin."
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    thanks for you opinion bud, most welcome to hear that. yeah I was told the military wing lost some orders and has had to go into admin, the sporting side should be ok for a while from what I was told and they think a buyer has been found. apparently as I say I don't know how much is truth etc, hodgdon were going to buy but the factory(or whatever youd like to call it lol) was in a bit of a state and needs a fair old revamp so they pulled out. thanks for the reply, im juts in the process of starting up some trial loads now

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    I started using it in the early 1990s when I used to shoot a lot of practical rifle and quantity mattered (as did accuracy) and N135 meters very well in a progressive press. It's designed for moderate weight bullets in 7.62 / 308 Win and worked really well with Sierra Palma Match and Lapua Scenar 155s...
    I use it under 55grain, 50grain and 40grain slugs in the 22-250 and also with 80grain in the 22BR.
    Just keep an eye on the batch IDs as they change slightly (over twenty years...). Newer batches "seem" to require less powder for the same velocity: keep an eye out. Usual caveats etc.

    I also use N150 in the 30-06 and did use it in the 308Win in preference to N140 with heavy (180grain) bullets.

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