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Thread: Self employed stalker/culler

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    Self employed stalker/culler

    Are any members of this site self employed stalkers/cullers working for the forestry companies, is there an employment agency dealing with this work or is it word of mouth. I am interested in learning how the industry ticks in relation to any future proposed deer cull that the government seem hell bent on.
    PM me if you prefer. cheers...

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    I live close to london and as per country file we have more deer than you can shake a stick at !! So also would like to know if there is a site for a future job

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    Then hopefully my thread will help others understand the forestry industry...

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    Quote Originally Posted by national harvest View Post
    Then hopefully my thread will help others understand the forestry industry...
    ​Good luck! The Forestry industry is uber complex with deer been a small part in a big machine!

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    I have gained an insight into the harvesting/replanting side of things, cut throat to say the least. Its the deer control/culling/stalking side of the industry I am interested in, do part time stalkers play a part, rates of pay for contract culling, tenders, how do the cogs work. cheers....

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    I would be very very interested in this as im also keen on becoming a self employed stalker ....imagine getting up for work with a smile on your face .....when i left the army i tried for years to get into the forestry commision but was never lucky...

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