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Thread: Excellent stalk with Jelen Deer Services

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    Excellent stalk with Jelen Deer Services

    Just wanted to say a big (belated) thank you to Mike from Jelen for an excellent stalk recently.

    I was positioned in a very picturesque high seat in the new Jelen patch in the New Forest. I had been shown around the ground beforehand and what a patch it is. Massive and covered in deer slots everywhere!

    After a chilly hour or so I spotted movement in the ride running parallel to the one I was looking down from the seat. It was a muntjac!!! A look through the bins confirmed it as a buck. I slowly moved the rifle into position and prepared for a shot. Unfortunately as I have heard is typical this muntjac wasn't stopping and grazing whilst walking away, only pausing while obscured by trees. This continued as I followed him through the scope, until he disappeared from view.

    Undeterred I slowly made my way down from the seat collecting my sticks and stalked towards the point where I had lost sight of him. Again movement caught my eye and the buck reappeared foraging towards the ride I had been covering from the seat. I set up the sticks but again no shot was possible due to him being obscured by foliage. A gentle reposition on the sticks later and I set up with a view of the ride with the seat on it. I could still see the buck but needed him to move into the open.

    After a few seconds he did as I hoped and stepped onto the ride. A quick ooooiiiiiiiii from me was enough to stop him broadside where the crack of my .308 sent the 150 grain round towards the buck. I was rewarded by a satisfying thud as the round entered his vitals knocking him from his feet.

    I quick work of the bold whilst covering him through the scope for a few minutes confirmed that he was down for the count. I made my way to him to check for any signs of eye reflex before admiring my first muntjac! A very happy moment.

    Sods law, if I had stayed in the seat I would have had the perfect shot but hey ho all's well that ends well.

    Again a big thanks to Mike and a recommendation to anyone who wants to go out on some quality ground without breaking the bank!


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    Congrats on your 1st Muntjac Rob!

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    Well done, and a very enjoyable account of your adventure too! The New Forest must be a great place to stalk in. It must feel like breaking the Forest Laws with Robin Hood. "You know the penalty for killing the King's deer, Locksley!".

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    good write up Rob
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    Congratulations on the first Munty!
    Make sure, many may follow!


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    Well done Rob
    A nice account of your Munty, if they did as we wanted all the time it wouldn't be the stalking we all love!

    How did your high seat look in the end?


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