So I finally head home to Cornwall from the Big Stinking Smoke for the first time in a year.

Growing up I was one of those country kids who knew every rabbit hole, fox den, trout spots for miles around. In all my years of climbing up trees, over hedges and across rivers and streams but I'd never come across any deer and it was commonly accepted that there weren't any around and never had been. In the last 10 years things have started to change and locals have started to report sightings of deer throughout the valley where my parents still live. A couple of winters back just after completing my level one I was home for Christmas spotted a Roe doe and yearling run across the road in front of our house and through some rough ground and into our farm land. This confirmed to me that it was Roe my neighbours were seeing and not escapees Reds from the local deer farm 3 miles away that everyone assumed they were seeing. I headed out and had a look around the likely spots that I'd expect to see some Roe. I didn't manage to get sight of anymore Roe but I found plenty of tracks and frayed trees so I knew that there were a few around.

My parents have kept me up to date on the sightings and as Easter approached this year I was determined to get out and find out what was about and where.

I headed out on Good Friday around 10am to see what was around and came across a nice buck only 150m from our house. I've been unable to upload the photos I took of him onto this tread but I have put the photos up in the main galley under the title "Cornish Roe Buck". He was no giant but a nice buck and pleasing for me given I had only left the house 5 minutes before finding him. He didn't run off so I left him be. I went back a few times over the course of the next week but he didn't show again. On the final morning I had a close inspection of where he had been sat and it was clear he had used the spot regularly and some of the gorse had been frayed.

After not seeing the back again for a few days I thought I'd check a bit of rough ground i knew up the valley that was close to some woodland that I had found tracks and fraying in two years ago. As I arrived at rough ground and looked over the hedge from the road I spotted a good buck feeding in the long grass. I stepped up onto a ledge on the hedge to get a better view with the Binos and hopefully a nice couple of nice photos. From behind me I hear "Alright, what you looking at". I spin around to see a jogger standing behind me. Unsure where he has appeared from I reply "I'm look at the deer" hoping he would keep his voice down but to by surprise he bellows out "Deer, oh yeah I see them all the time around here, you've got to be really quiet if you want to see them though". I couldn't believe this idiot. I quickly around around to see the Buck racing up the field and over the hedge. To add insult the jogger says "I'll leave you to it, hope you see some". With no photos taken and a idiot on the loose I decided it was best to call it an evening and head home.

The next day I was determined to have a proper look at this buck. I past the rough ground around 5pm on my way home but no sign of him. I headed over again later in the evening and there he was a lovely 6 pointer. Good body and condition with a light coloured set of antlers. Unfortunately the light was fading quickly and my simple digital camera wasn't up for the job and all the photos came out too dark to make anything out. I watched him feeding for a good 20 minutes before leaving him.

I enjoy nothing more than a good stalk but I also enjoying watching this graceful animals and it pleases me no end to know that Roe are now properly established in central Cornwall.