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Thread: tikka 595 rings and mounts

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    tikka 595 rings and mounts

    hi looking for set of scope mounts for my tikka 595 and 30mm tube its a 10x56 what bases do i need eny help please
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    Harry, I posted a pair of Warne Tikka 30mm high's in the ads a short while ago - with a small shim, they will give a 56mm objective a good close fit if you've good eye relief on your scope - it's what I had in them. They're still there and others have posted similar I think (trying to be fair here!)

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    hi eric thanks for the time to reply i have just bought a tikka 595 lefty hope to pick it up in a week or two when my veneration comes through ,bough a new scope so am very keen to get mounts sorted will you pm me and will ring you tomoro night if thats ok h

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