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Thread: Shepherd Scopes

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    Shepherd Scopes

    Amongst a bundle of gear I recently picked up was a nearly new Shepherd Scope - its a 3-10x40 with optics set for a .22Mag.

    I've done a bit of background reading relating to the principle of caliber specific optics (a few demos etc on goorle search) but wondered if anyone out there has experience of using them and whether they felt the pros outweighed cons? Also, I've never used a .22mag (and having recently bought a .17HMR) I wasnt looking to add another similar caliber, but am keen to know what folks think of the .22mag??

    Would appreciate any comments ....
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    got one myself , its on my 243,not a bad scope in good light but opticaly not a patch on other similar and dearer scopes , low light zoomed in a bit they are terrible, the point of impact is pretty acurate , but would i buy another , it would be no ,my opinion is that i need better clarity than aim points that are further than i need , hope this helps , regards arron.

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    thanks Arron,
    had read similar comments with larger caliber rifles, also zero being lost. I'm hoping smaller caliber scope should mean i'm not on long distance shooting, should minimise the low-light issue......hopefully....

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