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Thread: First English Fallow

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    First English Fallow

    Hi all
    Just thought I would share with you my first Fallow shot in England.
    I have stalked for quite a few years and only shot Reds and roe mainly on F.C land in Scotland but never actually had cross-hairs on Fallow. (Apart from on holiday last year in New Zealand). My friend has a bit of local land and asked me if I would like to sit up a high seat and see if anything comes my way. Having been with him on his permission before I knew the lie of the land and how hard it was to get a safe shot.
    The new high seat he had put up for safer shooting is about 20 foot off the ground and took a bit of manoeuvring to get into. Settling down and thinking about what I had been told, where the deer were possibly coming from, where there might be a likelihood of a walker appearing my thoughts got interrupted by a Hornet visiting the Oak tree, a Buzzard was being mobbed by the resident crow population and woodpecker and jays were shouting. What an evening, much better than sitting at home and getting a square b??.
    I waited about 45 minutes before seeing the first Fallow doe and her young emerging from some tall maize game cover about 300 yards away. Then another two came out, again mother and young. After a few minutes more movement further along. Great! deer everywhere I thought, but no sign of a shootable male. In total 9 deer in front of me, four adult females and four young with one a bit bigger possibly last years young.
    Turning around to look behind I spotted another adult female with three more deer tagging on and all walking towards the small copse my seat was in. Leaning on a bough and glassing them I managed to identify a spiker, just what I was looking for. They began trotting and went right under my seat and into the open stubble field heading towards the others. They were looking back all the time as if something had disturbed them, but still not stopping long enough for me to shoot. Eventually after they had moved about 60 yards away I made a noise and they all stopped and turned around by which time the Spikers neck was already in full scope. Not hesitating any longer I squeezed gently and with a quiet shot from the moderated .243 Tikka I heard the strike and saw the animal drop. (The old back injury of mine was pumping with the adrenalin but well worth putting up with). Waiting the usual time I then stowed everything away for the climb down, well pleased with myself. My friend came over and had only seen does walking past me so was surprised to see the buck. A good result he said. The deer was 78lb dressed out and will be excellent eating.
    A brilliant evening out which will not be forgotten.
    Always the same when you leave the camera in the car you see loads.
    Hope I didn't bore anyone.

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    Certainly not bored! Many congratulations on your first fallow. You'll have to get a small camera you can tuck away in your stalking jacket, then there will be no more excuses for missing out on the photos


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    congratulation m8 8) shame no pics tho

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    Well done!, I bet you have a mobile phone on you all the time!

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    Sorry the phone quality is not too good but hey ho at least there's proof.


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    My post was not a criticism only a suggestion.

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    Well done paul i think the smile says it all
    It might pay to keep the head because as the saying goes you`ll never forget your first one and its also nice to have a momento for a reminder of a great day


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    Deerman no problem. Thank you. You reminded me that I had taken a photo on my phone.
    Thanks RICK O SHEA
    Cheers guys A.T.B

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    well done paul im pleased some one is haveing some luck. I think I'll have a look out tonight after readingthat post may be my luck will change

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    Thanks bunnydan. It did take me four trips to get it right. Persevere and you will be rewarded.
    Good luck tonight.

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