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Thread: Swar, S&B or Zeiss

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    Swar, S&B or Zeiss

    I am treating myself to a new scope and narrowed my choice down to Swarovski , S&B or Zeiss either fixed 8x56 or variable up to 12x .

    They are all in the same price bracket ( unless I go with a Hungarian S&B)

    So my question is what are the pro's & cons or any one a clear winner ?

    My current scope is a Leupold VX111 which I will keep for another rifle

    I would be grateful for all valued opinions before I splash the cash !!

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    I would go for a Schmidt every time, I have a PM2 3-12x50 on my .308, I have a Swarovski PV-N 3-12x50 fitted to my .243

    I am looking at putting my PM2 on my .243 and buying another Schmidt and Bender for my .308 and selling the Swarovski, I just don't think it's as good quality.

    What ever you decide, you are choosing top quality makes there, you'll not be disapointed. Schmidt and Bender is just my personal choice

    Look here for some good deals.

    Good Luck with your choice.


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    I'm interested in opinions on these scopes also... My new Howa .308 will be arriving in the next few weeks and I will want to swap out the Nikko Stirling 3-9x40 that will come with it for a decent 8x56, and have been looking seriously at the S&B 8x56 with an A7 reticule...

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    S&B everytime

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    S&B everytime

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    S&B Zenith FD7 reticule expensive but the bees nuts

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    I have an 8X56 S&B which I bought second hand. It would be well worth considering 2nd hand if you want to save a few pennies and someone has already posted a link to MacLeods of Tain who often have a good selection at fair prices.

    However, recently I looked through a Swaro 8X56 and am of the view that it had slightly better glass than my S&B. It was also somewhat shorter and lighter. However the S&B is a very good scope and I would guess it might be more robust than the Swaro. Either way I'm not selling the S&B.

    There also seem to be some reasonable deals on "ex-demo" Swaros going around, I believe MacLeods have them as do Swillington. You may be able to save a considerable sum going that route, though you will still be handing out a lot of cash.

    The Hungarian S&Bs are exactly the same scopes as the German versions so it is madness to pay extra for a German. In fact I've heard it said, and have no idea if it is true, that the Hungarians actually undergo two sets of quality control/testing as they are checked in Hungary and then again when they arrive with S&B in Germany for sale.


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    Thank you all for the advice looks like S&B is the favoured choice .

    I had seen the "Ex demo" Swarovski's which do look excellent value , from comments above I may well decide to look at the Hungarian version of the S&B . If the glass comes from the same German factory I cannot see why the quality should not be the same .

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    Some stonking deals out there on Swaro PH's and PV's just now. I bought one AV a few weeks back. Just now I am waiting for pay day and I will pull the trigger on a Z6 1.7-10x42, ex demo.

    Both Swillington and Macleod's have PH 8x50's on offer. The best fixed scope out there in my view.

    Buy one.

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    i have 2 hungarian 8 x 56's and a swaro 8 x 56, all great scopes. the best staklking/foxing scope money can buy and good for 300yard+ shots if the gun / shooter is up to the job

    the older hungarian with the gloss paint finish is quite a lot smaller than the new one with the black anodised finish- and sits very nicely on my R93 with the rear sight intact, the newer longer one causes the butler creek flip up to hit the sight (that one has been dremmelled)! the new hungarian now sits on a tikka t3.

    performance on all 3 seems to be similar however the swaro was a bit posher until last night when it spent 3 hrs bouncing in a cage on the back of a hilux and picked up a few knocks - it works better now its got a few battle scars.

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