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Thread: Scott Country Fair - Night Vision and New Kit Demo Weekend

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    Scott Country Fair - Night Vision and New Kit Demo Weekend


    We are currently inundated with requests to try out our demo NV units, and without a word of a lie the units are out every week and we are constantly asked if we would consider a demo evening of sorts. So it has got us thinking of something on a grander scale....

    As we were unable to make the Stalking Fair in Kelso we now plan on running The Scott Country Demo Weekend, which will be a two day demo weekend/exhibition at a country house, in a central UK location, which will be hosted by ourselves, along with Ridgeline UK, Thomas Jacks, and promoted and covered by a top UK shooting magazine.

    This will be a free entry weekend, which will have its own bar, and buffet/BBQ.

    The venue is still to be confirmed but the proposed site has major motorway road links as well as a main train line access.

    Tickets will be free from Scott Country or entry at the door (if spaces remain), and the event will feature the following:

    (Numbers MAY have to be limited to be decided depending on venue number allowance, so we may allocated a hundred or so invites to the forum, as well as our regular mailing customer list)

    Night Vision Demo Tunnel - try out the latest nv kit in our bespoke night vision tunnel.

    Clothing from Ridgeline - try all the new 2013/2014 clothing ranges and speak to a member of the Ridgeline team.

    Scott Country Stand - come along and see all our latest range of Harkila, Ridgeline clothing, footwear and accessories as well as our range of NV kit, hunting accessories, optics and kit and pick up a copy of our first ever mail order catalogue.

    Thermal Imager demos - try the latest thermal kit outside in a controlled area with hidden targets in the country house gardens.

    Pulsar/Cobra/Yukon Night Vision Stand - featuring the latest Night Vision kit and manned by a member of the team from UK distributor Thomas Jacks. Stand - online trail cam review and test site will be there demoing the latest trail cameras from Spypoint.

    Expert Guest Speakers: Experts in their field will provide presentations on various aspects of country pursuits from NV to Stalking and Fox Control as well as wildlife conservation and protection.

    Competition Prizes: Lots of things to win in our raffle!

    Stalking Directory Stand: We have spoken to the Stalking Directory
    regarding having a stand also, and JayB is confirming when we have a venue and date sorted.

    So the reason for my post is to see what peoples thoughts are on the event, and if indeed you believe it would be something you would like to attend.

    At present the dates we are proposing is Sat 7th and Sun 8th September.

    It is totally free to attend, and we would love to meet everyone there.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Best Regards

    Paul Stewart
    Sales Manager
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    Sounds good Paul look forward to it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hw60sniper View Post
    Sounds good Paul look forward to it .
    another great idea from this site, Pual, would this also include pre owned equipment? enquiring on behalf of the less well off on this site!!


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    Good idea! I'd certainly be keen to attend.


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    Hi Patrick,

    We do not sell second hand equipment, however we do occaisionally sell off ex demo units etc.

    We will however be doing special deals and offers where we can, so drop us an email if there is something in particular you are looking for.

    My colleague is meeting with the venue today to finalise, and we will post accordingly when the event is arranged, however for now if anyone has any input, good or bad we would love to hear from you.

    The opinion from this forum will be one of the deciding factors in whether we go ahead or not.

    The idea of having all the latest kit from budget NV to top spec Gen 3 devices as well as industry experts and lots of the new kit on display in one place is very appealing.

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    Thanks for that Paul ( should have spelled it correctly the first time!!!), that said Iam sure some of us will welcome Ex demo stuff, looking forward to more news on this event


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    Thats alright patrick, i have been called worse!

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    I would love to attend and get some real advice on what are potentially large purchases


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    I'd certainly attend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baconbuttie View Post
    I'd certainly attend.
    Give me a shout if you are going Tony as I am interested also and I'm sure we know of a few other guys.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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