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Thread: few less lamb killers

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    few less lamb killers

    Last nights dealings, all from one spot on the farm. all within 1/2 hour. we have shot 8 in the last two evenings on this farm. strange as on the lead up to lambing we visit but never find anything. as soon as the lambs are born the foxes just appear.

    we do not call any foxes on this patch as they just run. waiting in the right place and just red filter scan every 10 minutes until the dancing eyes are found.

    we had some ammo malfunctions last night with the smaller fox having a hard time of it. had to run the field to catch up with it and pt it out of its misery. for some reason 6 shots, only the first made contact but not humane. thinking the barrel heating up caused the issues. not the best thing to happen but dealt with in a timely manner.

    we spotted another fox just after but left that, calling it a night then until we can solve the issues with the a-bolt. the tikka will be on the rounds until problem fixed.

    all the best


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    Well done that was a good nights foxing my record is 3 in one night youve smashed that.

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    Well done,Nice nights sport Phil.
    ​Atb John

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