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    hi all... just making my intro guys... based in london and cornwall and yo-yo between the two. into an active outdoor life, and shoot, fish, and surf regularly. i've been shooting all my life but never done any deer stalking and very keen to start! actually looks like i will be doing my first days stalking down in cornwall next week, and really looking forwards to it...

    i intend to shoot for the freezer rather than trophy hunting, and very keen to learn the ropes on stalking and deer preparation for eating

    anyone willing to give me any guidance, i'd be really grateful!

    ...and i'll be looking for days stalking within easy reach of london and west cornwall

    no stalking rifes to add to my gun collection yet, but im sure i'll be getting one soon!



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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