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Thread: Sako 75 .243

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    Sako 75 .243

    Seen something I fancy so decided to sell my sako 75 varmint it has a 20" barrel and atech cmm4 au lightweight mod so it balances quite well, it is sat in a new mc millan hunter stock although I still have its nicely figured wood stock as an option.
    Very accurate with 75/87 vmax and just as good with 85 gn nosler partitions it has a german hertel and ruess nikel supra 8x56 on top in medium optilocks.

    Thinking of 1250 or (1050 in the wood stock) for the lot to include rcbs dies 2x 100 boxes of 75 V MAX 1 x 100 box of 87 V MAX and whatever loaded rounds/ brass plus 50 loaded partitions and a few v max I think .

    Bipod and sling not included and would consider splitting it up

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    Lovely bit of kit Bob,

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    This looks a cracking set up mate and at a very good price. Good luck with the sale.
    If at first you don't succeed, reload

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    Cheers Wayne your the fourth person to say that today but iv had no folding stuff offered as yet lol !

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    If you're considering splitting, has the McMillan been bedded and what is its length of pull, please?

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    No the stock hasn't been bedded it is std mc millan length with decelerator pad, somebody has already shown interest in the stock and is ringing tommorow he may have sold the rifle for me too which would be more suitable.
    Will be in touch when I have spoken to him and find out what the state of play is. thanks DF

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    Chap got a deal he couldn't refuse on the rifle I was after, so as I have had no firm offers i am going to withdraw my rifle from sale until something else suitable comes up. DF

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