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Thread: S & B Zenith Flashdot

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    S & B Zenith Flashdot

    This 'scope is being replaced by a lighter model so I now have this one for sale at what I think is a reasonable price based on what I have been offered as a trade in.
    Unfortunatly the trader didn't have the model I required for the part ex to go ahead so here it is.
    It has a couple of marks where the rings were, but as can be seen in the pictures, hardly visible and not visible when the rings are attached. One of the marks can be seen on picture No 3 half way between the bridge and the eye bell, that picture is the base of the scope.
    This scope is widely advertised so all the details can be googled.
    The average going price is 1495.00 so I think this scope is a good deal at 850.00
    I am willing to travel a reasonable distance if anybody wants to see it.
    The reticule is an FD9. it has three thick lines, one at 3'o'clock, 6'o'clock and 9'o'clock and a circle in the middle with the red dot dead centre.
    The brightness can be regulated for day or night use.
    This is an ideal scope for driven game or close in work on big game.
    I have used it for Driven Boar to good effect so it comes with a pedigree !
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    This will be reduced slightly if sold locally and reduced slightly more if I know the buyer.
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    This is still for sale all you Driven Boar enthusiasts.
    Just think how much better this will be mounted on your rifle instead of that 'Matchbox' halo/red dot thingy.
    The illuminated reticule even switches itself off if you forget to do it yourself at the end of the day.
    Good German quality for just over half price, a real bargain.

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    Still sat here waiting for a new owner !!

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    looks like a good deal for a quality scope, on the box it says 180g 30/06 does that have any significance to the scope reticle or was it so you remembered to pick up the right ammo!!??

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    Ah yes, that was to remind me which was my best load with that scope and rifle combination.
    The reticule is as a standard FD 9 as described in the advert.
    I also agree with you about it being a good price for such a quality scope and am surprised so many have looked at it and not commented either way about it.
    Driven Boar trips seem to be becoming more and more popular and I am surprised this hasn't been snapped up.
    Apart from Driven Boar it is also a popular scope for Big game and can also come in handy for close woodland work on Deer.

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    This is an awesome scope! I had a 1.5-6x42 zenith flashdot but sold it due to lack of work at the time, wish I hadn't now, they're an great piece of kit and very very well made!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    I am really surprised this bargain hasn't been snapped up.
    When I bought it the salesman said "This sort of quality will last a life time" and he wasn't saying that just because of my age!!

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    Agreed these are a top bit of kit, I've a 1.5-6 version on my CZ550 9.3x62 stutzen and it is spot on for boar and woodland deer. In hand the quality of these scopes becomes apparent so anyone 'on the fence' should jump at this offer - and NO, I don't have a dog in this fight and don't know the seller.

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    Thank you for your kind words.
    I am very surprised it has hung around so long, I think it is priced reasonably considering the original price and quality.
    I am a bit fussy in what I buy and a lot of thought went into choosing that particular scope when I bought it originally.

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