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Thread: Broke another leatherman

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    Broke another leatherman

    Broke another leatherman today , my supertool 300 . Will be replaced under the lifetime warranty but this is my third one . Yet to break a Victorinox swisstool .

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    How did you manage to do that?

    If I were wicked I could say that there are tool users and tool abusers, but I won't.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Ha ha ha .

    break one - fault in metal ment plier nose broke off
    break two - knife lock fell to bits
    break three ( today's ) - whilst undoing a tight flathead screw the bit just snapped off .
    the Victorinox just seems better made . I use a multitool of some sort at least 3-4 times a day for hard use . To say I abuse it is probably true , I certainly wouldn't be without it !

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    I carried a leatherman in work for several years in fact many of us did, and found it a useful tool for light work, but its not a serious tool despite what the company says. The cheap imitations don't live up to the same standard. Leatherman do appear to be good to their word though as regards the warranty.
    I still carry my wave in my gunbag and find it useful but nearly always reach for the proper tool if I am doing anything serious. One workmate bought a Gerber multitool it wasn't a patch on the Leatherman.

    I only bought my wave when they were on special offer in a local Next store one January. It cost 35 when the normal price was 95 at the time. My work mates and I went down and bought their complete stock of nine knives. The price we paid is probably what they are really worth, I wouldn't give the full amount for one.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    My supertool was 80 and its great , but has its limits . The swisstool are awesome , and just beautifully made !

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    Never fancied the swisstool but I did fancy their rescue knife the (one made by Wenger) and if I was still in my old occupation would probably have bought one. I do carry a victorinox Jaeger model every day, I had the larger Wenger Jaeger as a birthday present a couple of years back but while very well made was just too large for a pocket knife and was bad luck. I never ever saw a deer when carrying that knife so the knife had to go. It worked, the next time I went out without the knife I saw deer. Supersticious or what?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Some 10y ago I noticed that Leatherman quality was dropped. My PST II went in for a repair, and although the new tools they replaced (even when there was no fault in existing ones) were better in ergonomics (like the angle on the screwdriver) the steel got rusted very easily, was softer or harder than needed etc.

    And yes, I know that getting rusted doesn't tell the quality of the stainless steel, but I just got a feeling that instead of choosing the right steel for use they had selected the materials based on machining cost or whatever. Knife didn't keep the edge, screwdriver tip broke off etc. But as I said the ergonomics were/are better, very plain to see in PST II since it doesn't have the locking function.

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    I have had mine for nearly 20 years, the only problem i had was down to me, not using the correct placement of the fishing hook in the jaws when i cut it, so yes i can on that occasion be considered a leatherman abuser!

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    I have a very early original supertool and it is excellent, however recently sent it back to Whitby for repair of pliers, and replacement of saw, screwdrivers and serrated blade. Unfortuanely only pliers were replaced. comment was that now discontinued and no spares available, so so much for the 20 yr warranty if they havent the spares to do the repairs.

    I am glad the pliers were replaced and can live with the others but disappointed that it wasn't fully refurbed. I have a smaller version ? name which i was given 4 yrs ago and its very good.


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    As an update , it's only fair for me to put this up too , this morning I received a brand new supertool 300 and a letter apologising for any inconvenience . Now I know that it shouldn't have broke in the first place but that's service ! I'm quite impressed .

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