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Thread: Trigger Guard Assembly Wanted Mannlicher

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    Trigger Guard Assembly Wanted Mannlicher

    Hi guys i dont know if any of you'll be able to help but i managed to break the trigger guard assembly on my mannlicher l 270 so i am after a replacement it for a older model with the five shot rotary mag. Any assistance in sourcing a new one would be greatly appreciated.

    ​Many thanks Kieran

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    A friend had a similar problem and Macleods of Tain sorted him out eventually. Regards JCS

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    you could also try The Sportsman, Devon, I think they are the sole importers for Mannichler, and what about contacting Steyr directly, just put that in a search engine, and it should direct you. I have had 4 Mannichlers and never had a problem as you descrbe, good luck

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    Cheers guys for your assistance. For future reference Steyr wont deal with anyone other than Sportsman.
    Sorted with the assistance Of Emma Custom Rifles.
    ​Thanks again Kieran

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