I've read a few threads on here about "budget" binoculars, but to be honest the prices quoted still make my eyes water! So, for anyone who operates on the same kind of shoestring budget that I do, here's a really cheap pair of binos:


At less than 30 they're almost in the "use once and throw away" category!

The vast majority of the reviews are very good, but of course there's a few folk who've had problems with them, and also a few grumblers who seemed to be expecting to get 800 worth of quality for 30, and complained when they didn't! (Misers!).

To be honest, I wouldn't have believed it was possible to get binoculars as good as these at that low price. Ok, so they're hardly the best quality (as is reflected in the price), but they're rugged, easy to focus, good in low light conditions etc. And you won't be losing a fortune if you drop them!

The poorest quality parts of the package were case, strap and lens covers, but an additional outlay of a few quid has got me a good comfy neck strap and better lens covers. Also they're not fully sealed (but heck, what do you expect at that price?).

The styling is a bit retro, but they're not cumbersome and my jacket zips up tidily over them without making me look like I'm growing breasts.

Had them for about a month and a half now, and so far very pleased.