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Thread: Has anyone ever tried this ????

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    Has anyone ever tried this ????

    This might seem really silly but has anyone ever tried using a life size imitation of a deer to bring them closer ??
    Not a wind up , honest.

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    seen it used on youtube to sneak up on them

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    no but why not every other type of hunting do's ! why not try it and tell us how it went, if you wish to dress up as a deer there are plenty of santa's little helper outfits to hire this time of year sorry just had to?
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    I will try it if anyone can tell me where to get a life size red !!

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    I've seen a Jim Shockey video where he uses a moose head cut out during the rut. I also used to know a chap in Sussex who used a couple of the life sized fallow photo targets as decoys, I never saw them in action but he was a knowledgeable and experienced stalker so I have no reason to doubt him.

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    I'd love to see someone in a Sika Hind costume during the Rut! You'd get close alright! Intimately close!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cervushunter View Post
    I will try it if anyone can tell me where to get a life size red !!
    The pink pig! The old advanced shooting test 150m target, it looked about as much like a red deer as I do!

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    Actually just had a thought I would need to buy a horse box to transport it
    And no way am I ringing anywhere asking for a blow up deer

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    I think if it was Roe Deer you would need the cut out to move roe deer dont normally both with things that stand still its movment and shape they go by. Just a though i could be wrong.

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