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Thread: new and used rifle barrels from 95.00

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    new and used rifle barrels from 95.00

    I have just read an advert for new rifle barrels and barely used barrels from RifleCraft ltd in gunmart page 178 September .
    they have Ruger ,Remington ,and some others
    the prices look good if they have what you want ?
    used barrel prices from 95 inc fitting and proof and new from 195 inc fitting and proof
    also some stocks for remmis and a few others
    Eg remmi short action synthetic stock @10
    hope this helps some one


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    what ever happend to rifle craft they were allover the show at one time you dont seem to hear anything about them much anymore

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    That sounds like a good deal if thats what you are after. As for whatever happened to RifleCraft, well I suppose there is only so many people out there who want to pay two or three times the value of a Remington 700 for a 700! Only kidding (sort of!) I love to hear Rem 700 stories, they remind me of the only fools and horses sketch when Trigger says, 'this is the best brush i've ever had, its 20 years old and had 6 new heads and 4 new handles'! JC

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    95 quid for a used xx quid barrel or 195 for a new xx quid barrel.

    Sure it will appeal to some who are not able to afford a quality replacement barrel - I am assuming here that Andrew is using the take-offs from new or secondhand builds he has done.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    What happened to Riflecraft? - they are still going strong with regular work from overseas and here.

    Just cos they aren't posted in every mag dosn't mean they have gone quiet.

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    They must have a lot of work as their 'turnround' time is getting even longer than it used to be.
    Eight weeks for a new barrel and trigger so far and still not ready!

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    Don't start worrying yet, you are only counting the delay in weeks not months or years! My last rebarrelling job was away for months with a famous celebrity 'riflesmith' before I got fed up with the BS then lack of communication and had it collected and sent to a decent bloke! JC

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    eight weeks isnt bad - it takes that (at least) for a barrel from most places.

    Your looking at 4-6 weeks for a Border to 6-10 months for exotica from the US

    If your barrel isnt in stock of course.

    Given the new export regulations from the US getting barrels will and has become harder.

    If you (or your smith) has no export licence for each company they deal with (be that Pac Nor, Lilja, Bartlein, Blackstar, Krieger, Shilen, Rock, Brux, Broughton, Douglas etc etc etc etc ad infinitum) then the customer will end up with limited choice of Lothar Walther, Border or Bergara that are easily available from europe or the UK. The other alternative is Tru Flite from NZ of course but there may be issues with export licences from there too.

    I anticipate a rise in pricing of all barrels to cover the cost of the export licences - one for each manufacturer remember...

    Lead times - well if you go to Callum, Norman Clark or Pete Walker you could be waiting for up to 14 months as they are so busy.

    Perhaps a new thread should be started rather than detract fom this one,


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    Pac Nor, Kieger, Bartlien & Hart will all ship barrels to the UK without the need for an export licence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stand Buck
    Pac Nor, Kieger, Bartlien & Hart will all ship barrels to the UK without the need for an export licence.
    I buy quite a few barrels from Pac Nor, Bartlein and other sources in the US.

    What you say was true up untill last month (end of July 09) one now requires an export licence for every manufacturer you intend to buy barrels, actions, triggers etc from.

    I recieved notification via e-mail of this from Pac-Nor and Bartlein on the same day.

    Sure they both havent got it wrong.

    One has required export licences to deal with Krieger, Broughton, Shilen etc for years, some companies ignored the fact their customers needed them, now the State Dept are tightening up their act, no doubt due to the overseas conflicts their forces are involved in.

    The export licence application is straightforwards - form DSP83 (from the US State Department)

    However, you are loking at paying up to $300 per licence.

    If you buy one barrel then there will be obvious cost implications.

    Sorry to be there bearer of bad news, this will affect all of us who re-barrel their own or pay someone else to do it for us.

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