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Thread: Saur 202 bases

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    Saur 202 bases

    Have a new swaro Z6i 3-15x50 BT for my Saur 202, I want to use Burris signature mounts/rings, what are the best bases for those out who may have the same set up, I already have Warnes weaver basas, or should i go for windage adjustable, what else are available as I'm not going to pass up something better you may know of. deerwarden

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    Give Garlands a bell in the morning and ask for Paul in the workshop. He is clued up on all things Sauer.

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    I have what sounds like a similar setup and use talley rings on the warne bases. Very pleased to the extent I've never had to think about them again once having fitted them.

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    Spoke to Garlands and now have the Burris signature rings on the way, will use my existing Warne mounts so a cheap option all round for me, thanks for the info guys, Garlands were very helpfull and the rings delivered were 65 approx, I like the idea of the signature rings with offset inner collers if you need them as well to off set any mounting issues. Any one looking for a Swaroski scope get in touch with Richard from Gunrunner, great service and keen price on the Z6i BT I just bougth from him, also did a deal last year on some 10x42ELs as well again at a good price, top man. deerwarden

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