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Thread: Thanks Lancashire Firearms

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    Thanks Lancashire Firearms

    Well, what can I say? Once again Lancashire Firearms has proven they are 5 star! Just before the Easter break I sent my FAC in for a variation to add a .17HMR refle, mod and ammunition as well as boar to my .308 and I thought to myself, why don't I ask them to change my ticket to open? Well, Today I receive it back with the magic word on it: 'Open'! Not only that, they have now given me permission to buy expanding .22rf rounds. Not that I will actually buy any, to be honest. My .22lr is an Anschutz Match 54 target rifle, and is not conditioned for vermin (I would not use it for that anyway, this thing weighs a ton!).

    I was also told by people that they usually add details of the land where I am allowed to shoot wildboar. Well, my FAC has no such description.

    See attachment for details:

    Attachment 26877

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    Your firearms dept. may have unintentionally restricted the use of your centrefire rifles. Your condition 7 only allows you to take foxes only WHILST deer stalking, thereby preventing you lamping them between One hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise. That is unless you have an exemption allowing you to shoot deer at night.

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    Good spot. It has been like that since the beginning. When I first saw this i asked my FAO about it and said i should not worry, it was an error on the way they phrased it and it would change. In the mean time, he said, there was no need to feel restricted because of it. I forgot about it, I should have checked now it came back but I was so happy it got opened with boar added that I forgot. I shall ask them to change it again.

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