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Thread: Leica Geovid Battery life

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    Leica Geovid Battery life

    Well the battery died last week after 40 months which isn't at all bad. Replacement CR 2 from amazon was 4 for two Duracells and arrived in 48hrs so good service all around.

    Must say did miss laser when it went off, sods law on a new piece of ground when after some lamb killing foxes.


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    Had about four years out of my first battery, or seems that long.
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    I got a bit nervous about 'it must be due to expire soon' after some failed pings.
    must have been at least 5 years old before I gave ina and put a new one was still working on shorter ranges
    back to normal now

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    2009 was my last battery, still going strong..........until I post this reply!

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    Met too 4 years then replaced battery I would not part with my leicas best bit of glass out there I think,

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    +1 so nice to have them back in operation. Out after lamb killers last night 80yds to bait. First customer 20:10 easy as still quite light, next one a sneaky big dog fox came in at 20:37 and if I hadn't had my Leicas no chance. issue was he was relative clear in the Geovids but a bugger to see through my leupold, anyway he also collided with a 60grn V max so thats 5 since Sunday out of one small field. One happy sheep farmer.


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