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Thread: Bit of an update, update

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    Bit of an update, update

    Just though I would let you all know that with regard to the Bursary scheme there is an update, as you may recall in the original update post we announce four successful applicants,


    In addition to these we can now add the names,


    All of the above have got their course booked or are well on the way to doing so. There is only one more place available, but be warned it is in the North of England so there may well be travel involved.

    I, we Admin, should like to take this opportunity to again thank our trade members without whose support, via the advertising fees, this would not have been possible, and to our other members who have donated time and equipment to assist in more of a material way. Hats off to all of you

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    I'm still surprised that I was awarded a place - a bit like the pleased surprise that you get when your wife tells you that she is definitely pregnant

    Thankyou to all involved in the decision making, and to those who donated.

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    Thankyou very much. I'm hoping to book onto the course in August in Wales. I can't wait.

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    good luck guys, the journey begins ,atb wayne
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    Just a thought if another northerner gets it and they live higher than me, they could travel to me an ill drive them down. I will be driving everyday rather than book a hotel. I'm going anyway so I won't want fuel. If they're close by I could pick them up en route.

    ps I drive slow and listen to radio 1. You've been warned.

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    Driveing slow is fine radio 1 u should be locked up

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigadam View Post
    Driveing slow is fine radio 1 u should be locked up
    I am partial to real radio. I just hate flickers so I put one station on regardless and radio one has coverage at most places.

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    The very best to all of you. This is a great thing for JAYB and team to be doing. Hats off!

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    Real radio is a good choice

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    Good luck to you all. Remember to keep us posted on your progress, and thank you also from myself to all those other members who have given time, and equipment for the cause.
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