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Thread: Steyr prohunter Mk 2 flexing stock

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    Steyr prohunter Mk 2 flexing stock

    Has anybody had problems zeroing a Steyr Pro hunter MARK 2. After 3 or 4 shots the barrel on mine moves and touches the fore end resulting in stringing of the bullet in the horizontal and being unable to zero. Anybody got a solution?

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    I take it, that it's a lightweight barrel? Are you sure it's the barrel that's moving and not the stock?

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    Try leaving it too cool down between shots. The barrel will be heating up too much. I tend too shoot a 3 shot group go check target and walk slowly back giving it a chance too cool down. I have a mk2 aswell and i have had no problems with the stock. Are all screws tight? Is the action sitting straight in the stock? Could be twisted slightly with 1 screw being slack and one still tight. But i wouldnt be blaming the stock for that. Its more like the barrel heating up after a few shots and then touching.
    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    The barrels do heat up quick and the stocks flex a little too .some folk have stiffened the forfend ,others have swapped to a mc swirly stock now available and me well I take several rifles to the range and take a little more time zeroing giving the barrel time to cool there are no problems then after all it's the cold barrel shot I'm after as I don't paper punch at all .cracking rifles I've had three now and they are a good hunting rifle .

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    Had a word with Simon west about 7 weeks since he said they will be doing a stock shortly other than that a classic stock is a straight swap but expensive 706 . 00
    regards Glynne

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    Never had problems with mine even I tried to test that. I used bipod and heavy T8 mod and it always shot to the same point...

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    I have a mk1 that is notorious for this but knowing it does it I know how to handle it. Bipod is a problem as you can put a slight sideways pressure on the palm swell and see the barrel touch the for stock. As with other posts keep to thee shots and let it cool and check that there is no pressure on the stock that could bend it to touch the barrel. Love my rifle for all its faults.

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    I have only had problems with mine once. Tracking a slowly moving deer with the scope, the rifle on the bipod, and i felt the whole set up start to twist. I shot and missed.
    The deer was on my side and just looked startled, so i lifted the bipod and this took the twist - spring out of it and the next shot flew true. They are great rifles, but you need to be aware that the barrel is supported at the end of the stock, so if you twist the stock the barrel is moved.

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    never had issues with my 2 223 and 243,

    but i did notice that when i changed from a t8 to a ase mod the barrel heat was less and it cooled quicker with the ase on as would be expected as the barrel surface was not shrouded in a t8.


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    I was told by an intructor that many of these problems resulted from the shooter pushing forward on the bipod. That said steyr o seem prone to this with the plastic stocks.

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