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Thread: Can you recomend a waterproof rifle slip

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    Can you recomend a waterproof rifle slip

    Can you recomend a waterproof rifle slip that will take a bipod and can be carried with two shoulder straps.
    I have seen dragbags but i dont need all the extra size that they entail
    Just need something to carry my rifle comfortably with two adjustable straps and may be sit on it
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    Take on board what you say regard drag bags - AIM ODB still a personal favourite and has kept water out better than anything tired thus far.

    A few courses back a client had a slip I'd not seen before - it was ( I think ) made by Farmland. Zero success googling that, but they apparently got it from Bushwear, though said new stock and not listed. I certainly couldnt find it on their website.

    Not twin strapped, but could be adapted. Made from a tough outer that was like the Butyl construction on military mortar round bags. Zip was the self seal water resistant type and... wait for it... you could inflate the case if you wished so it would float. Apparently designed for boat use.

    ​Not sure if that helps.
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    Sorry, I am nor sure... A slip is a soft gun case, right?
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    I've got a harkilla skane has 2 shoulder straps although not waterproof keeps the weather off my rifle and has enough room for a rifle, mod and bipod for better protection maybe try a napier razorback stalker

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    I use a Harkila Shane too, can't fault it.
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    I use this , Quality Gunslips - RIFLE SLIP RC3A (CANVAS)

    made of duck canvas , which is cotton lied with inner tube type rubber which is obviously waterproof .

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