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Thread: Falcon Optics - Menace 4.5-18x56 scope

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    Falcon Optics - Menace 4.5-18x56 scope

    As header, looking to sell my Falcon Optics - Menace 4.5-18x56 scope.

    Good condition, ring mark to underside of tube where the front mount would be. Bought it for competition shooting with my .223 but the magnification is much greater than I need and have now got a smaller Leupold.

    Review below:

    Looking for 130 posted

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    Interested mate has it tactical turrets as the linky?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stratts View Post
    Interested mate has it tactical turrets as the linky?

    It does indeed

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    Hi there, not meaning to step on any toes at all, is this sold?

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    I have a chap coming to buy it Monday evening. So yes it is in theory sold.

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    I have one of these scopes on my 25-06 and it is good value for the money and the turrets work exact,mine has enhanced skeleton Mildot recticle,it's quite a fine recticle,good for longrange shooting

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    I also have one for sale if anybody is interested PM me.


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