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Thread: rifles and 410 pistol

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    rifles and 410 pistol

    hi guys giving up shooting for a while so going to be listing my scopes, night vision, reloading stuff ect after all the firearms and shotguns have sold not available till then

    1- 410 pistol bond-arms century 2000 3.5 inch barrel comes with normal grips, extended grips(both in rosewood) and leather holster 650
    sold pending the usual
    2-fac air rifle- fx verminator in .22with Weihrauch sound mod 325

    3-fac air rifle - logun mk11 pro in .22 with a custom sound mod that's very light and effective 325

    4 -270 Winchester rifle -styer pro-hunter with t8 sound mod 550

    5- 22k-hornet semi custom this comes with a dm80 sound mod
    - this is a bsa action with a pac nor stainless barrel in a boyd laminate stock that's pillar bedded and full length bedded the action trigger guard ect was reblued by colin the manchester wizard ,lol
    .the gun was build by neil(dasherman) he really is a craftsman ,this also has bases fitted to the action to make scope mounting easy ,even went as far as truing them up using the barrel and breach to set them (on the milling machine bed)
    the thread protector is the hidden type ,
    its an almost finished project ,needs a new fireing pin fitting (ive got it here and it will come with the gun)as it sometimes miss fires but recocking it it always go's because its needs the last few tweaks doing grab a bargain this cost about 1600 to build but i will let it go for 600 ,that's silly cheap for this rifle. Its shot everything I've tried to the same point of impact

    i will get more details up asap and if you want to know anything ask away and i am offer to offers on most things
    the guns will come with what ever ammo i have left if your cert allows that amount
    the shotguns will be added soon
    also if any rfd would like to make me an offer on the whole lot id be willing to take a hit on the prices
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    price drops

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    rifles still available guys
    there all good rifles, and I am open to offers

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    Can you send me photos of the air rifle please?

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    yes mate which one ?(there 2).and pm me your email address to send it to .I will have to take pics asap as the ones ive got are crap quality

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    Hi mate ! Interested in the hornet ! Any chance of some pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaser7mm08 View Post
    Hi mate ! Interested in the hornet ! Any chance of some pictures
    no problem I will take some asap(today if the sun holds on)please pm me your email addy for me to sent them to

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    pics sent

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    Can you pm me photos of the styer 270 please?
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieg43 View Post
    Can you pm me photos of the styer 270 please?
    hi mate if you pm me an email address I will take some tomorrow and send them (the pics ive got at the momentaren't great)

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