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Thread: Blaser Luxus wood 6.5x55

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    Blaser Luxus wood 6.5x55

    For sale Blaser 6.5x55 Lux wood.

    Pretty gun shoots tiny groups, couple of little dinks on the wood work but otherwise excellent condition. Factory threaded comes with factory thread sleeve, Wildcat predator moderator and dies.



    Only selling to fund the next toy


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    Whats the next toy

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    Hi Gary
    Dunno yet got a .375 H&H Blaser barrel on the way but thats another project

    I've always fancied a K95????


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    K95 now your talking, i have two R93 .243/.308 wood and a offroad I do fancy the .243 on a K95 but don't have a spare 4000, hmm stutzen.

    anyway good rifles I am sure it will find a new home soon.

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    Hi Gary
    Mmmmm stutzen

    I got one in .223, .243 ,6.5 and 30.06 sold the .308 and the 300wsm


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    Come on chaps this is your last chance, this rifle would cost best part of 3000 new.
    If not it will be traded shame it's a beautiful rifle.


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