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    Wild Boar

    I have been feeding a big old pig for about month now.She is now every night on the barrel loves wheat above all else.Where is the best placement head or heart, shot only going to be 50 tyards or less?
    I wanted to leave her but land owner says she must go.

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    basc site feller


    Shooting wild boar - Wild Boar Best Practice Guides website
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    If she really, really has to go, assuming she is dry and you are 100% sure there are no young at foot, then I would opt for a head shot every time if possible if you shooting at 50yds. My preference only!! A boars brain is very small, and not located perhaps where you think it would be so check out the biology too!!! As for calibre, big is best!

    Good luck



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    April is not a great time of year to be shooting big old sows and it does beg the question as to why you have been feeding her in at this time of year if she is not welcome. She will almost certainly either be heavily pregnant or have young at foot. Is there no way of talking the land owner in to letting her keep until the autumn and having some nice young meat for the freezer instead? As Thomas rightly says, if she really has to go then a well placed head shot at close range with a larger calibre heavy bullet of suitable construction will do the job. If not sure then the link on Paul O' post above will show you where to put the bullet. Then remember trichinella test before entering food chain.

    Not having a pop at you but this is further evidence IMHO of why we need a close season. If it were a female deer you could tell your land owner that he will have to wait until back in season and he would have to like it or lump it. Wild boar on the other hand are afforded no such protection or respect, unfortunately!

    I've got sows and piglets coming to my baiting spots nightly at the moment and wouldn't dream of shooting them.



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