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Thread: Looking for a new dog?

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    Looking for a new dog?

    Hi folks!
    After several threads about which new dog to get, which breed, pup or older dog, I just had the thought to point all of you thinking about a new hunting dog to some German organisations offering dogs which got into problems, because of the holders death or other circumstances which made the dogs loosing their home....
    I can highly recommend the following organisations (I dont know, if you have anything similar in the UK):

    Jagdgefährten e.V.

    Krambambulli Jagdhundhilfe e.V. - Ein Hund ist wie kein anderer!

    I think, its worth a look and a try, if you are looking for an experienced, already trained dog.
    I also believe, all these dogs should get a second chance!

    If you are interested and need any support or help, just let me know.....


    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Michael , thats a thoughtful offer to help people, well done you!

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