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Thread: Importing Expanding Bullets!?

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    Importing Expanding Bullets!?

    Did we ever get a definitive answer on whether or not it is legal to import expanding type bullets from the USA?
    I'd heard that someone had been done for it and then it seemed like it might be ok. Is there actually anything in 'Black and White' or did BASC maybe publish some kind of statement?
    I've been holding off ordering any but will need some before too long.

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    I ordered a batch around christmas time, from what I can see, you need to fulfil a few criteria, and also the law isn't clear (what a refreshing change) There appears to be no law prohibiting the receiving of expanding ammo in the post, its the sending of it thats a problem, hence no buying from UK suppliers. You may need an export license depending on where you are buying from and you won't have the missiles entered on your certificate. You don't need an import licence to bring in component parts of ammunition.

    I told my FEO that I was doing it and he was ok with it. I think that if you stick to the calibers you own and stay within your ammo allowances its ok.

    Of course if we all make a big song and dance about it, then some do gooder will likely attempt to put a stop to it.

    My own personal view is that if an attempt was made to prosecute anyone the law could be made to look ridiculous in court, a few ballistic gel videos of SMK's VLD's and Amax for a start. And possibly the state's failure to have any clear legislation on the matter.
    The red diesel laws are just as confusing as are many others probably.

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    I've done a search back through a few posts on here and came up with the same, but I'd still like to see some sort of clarification from an official source. I was chatting with a mate earlier who thought that BASC may have issued a paper on it? I've done a couple of searches but can't find anything?
    I probably should have posted this in the legal section too! MODS - please move if required!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oh6 View Post
    Is this the thread that you are thinking of:
    Yes, I had read that one and in particular noted one of the last posts by 'mperring' which stated:

    If you have an FAC for the calibre and qty of missiles you wish to import and the company abroad can ship to the uk then it is lawful to buy and cause the relevant missiles to be imported. The dept for bis and the executive agency border force will permit missiles to travel on should they detect hem in the first place and when the recipients details are checked on the national firearms database.

    I don't know who he is but he seems to know his stuff? I'm not sure that a post on the SD would suffice in a court of law though? If I could find such a statement posted on the BASC website or similar I'd feel a bit happier!

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    well you can't get it from midway usa.

    All backorders ship upon arrival and incur a regular shipping charge.
    Each of these methods represent a different level of service, as well as a different cost to the customer.
    1All information was gathered from the UPS website.
    2All information was gathered from the USPS website.

    Can I order from if I have an international address?

    Unfortunately, due to the variety of regulations controlling international orders, MidwayUSA is not able to process international orders for retail customers. We do however have MidwayUSA International Partners in the following countries:

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    I have been happy with Cliff's service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    I have been happy with Cliff's service.
    Excellent guy to do busness with.

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    Ive had no probs with cliff,s but hes going out of srock for .243 just recently for some reason.

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