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Thread: Deer Quest short comings

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    Deer Quest short comings

    I am currently preparing for my level 1 in the not too distant future using the BDS manual for reference and testing myself occasionally with Deer Quest.

    The problem is that I have read quite often that the cd is out of date in certain areas. Can anyone give specifics as to where it is out of date before I go and fill my head with bum information



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    Various things changed in Oct 07, The minimum calibre for instance, the use of a .22 CF for certain species of deer in the UK. The open season also got extended for Doe/Hind.

    That I think was the only difference, In your manual, you'll be able to cross reference the info. I had the same problem with Deer Quest when I did my Level 1, but so long as you know you are answering the question wrong, which you have to in Deer Quest, it shouldn't be a problem.

    Hope that helps

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    Keep a look out there is a new and updated Deer Quest DVD due out soon I believe

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    Hi, the CD is very good to help you get an easy pass but certain questions on the CD aren't correct with changes in English legislation and one one reloaded bullets that springs to mind.

    The questions on caliber standards have changed such as 22cf in regards to CWD/Muntjac. The CD was made well before this change but the current BDS manual covers this well.

    Their is a reloaded bullets question which is wrong that says something like 'a friend offers you some reloaded bullets that shoot well in his rifle and offers you some to try. What do you do?' The correct answer is to 'politely refuse the offer' or words to that effect because you don't know how well these rounds have been made

    The full list of questions is available on the dmq website to download I think. Good luck!

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