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Thread: SD member feedback

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    SD member feedback

    Having recently been messed around by what transpires to be a total time waster from this site, it got me thinking. As this is effectively a 'faceless' forum with most members/users rarely knowing each other personally, I thought it may be useful to have an option to leave or be left feedback (similar to eBay). This could be used for a variety of things from classified ad transactions to stalking outings. Obviously all feedback must be constructive, be it negative or positive, and evidenced to support any comments so as not to wrongfully tarnish anyone's reputation.

    It may well be that it is not possible or too difficult for the site owners to administer but nonetheless I thought it to be at least worthy of debate. Time is precious nowadays and any system that would help to ensure that the genuine folk are clearly identifiable form those who are not so, would certainly be appreciated by me and I suspect many others.

    Any thoughts???????

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    Good idea, other forums manage to do it ok.
    So who messed you about, just so we know ?


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    Could be any 8 from 10 going on my experiences on here, although just had an excellent trouble free deal with mark-joppa great guy to deal with .
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    Good idea, other forums manage to do it ok.
    So who messed you about, just so we know ?

    Well who was it and why...

    Usually two sides and the truth in abouts the middle somewhere
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Only those with something to hide wouldn't want it! It's been done on other sites so why not?

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    Got nothing against your idea would probably be a good thing

    you would be surprised though when youve been on a while and met a few guys
    or have had conversation .
    it dosent take long to find out who the messers are bad news travels fast

    regards pete .

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    Quote Originally Posted by CWMMAN3738 View Post
    so why not?
    A few things...

    1) Most people don't even mark their threads as sold. They most likely won't bother with feedback either
    2) Negative feedback gets left much more often than positive because when people are happy they just go on their way
    3) EVERY time someone gets left negative feedback they would be on to us appealing it. Then we would have to arbitrate every single transaction and we simply can't.

    I would say all things considered you stand a much better chance of putting your stalking items under the noses of people looking for them on here and over all much less chance of time wasting than on eBay. And of course on here it's free.

    I'm always open to suggestions about how it could work but I can see it ending up with a load of disgruntled people looking to Admin to sort out something that is ultimately out of our control.
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    The principle is right but I entirely see csl's point. Even eBay hasn't got it right. It seems it is no longer possible to leave negative feedback. I have twice now sold items at four figure prices where the purchaser has failed to pay. One even appeared, eventually, to pay by eurocheque which is some sort of slow bank transfer - on the very last day (7 days from memory) he cancelled. Both of these people will only have an unpaid item noted.

    It is always tempting to react to the rogue few.

    Deer Diary

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    I have bought and sold countless items on here . .including four firearms and a car and have never had a minutes bother.

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    Its a great idea in theory, practically as csl has pointed out another matter. Its a great forum but it's called the stalking directory and although its great to be able to buy and exchange a bit of kit etc most don't log on for the car boot type selling that sometimes occurs. Just my humble opinion as always .

    ps might improve things if deals were struck on the open forum instead of pm's then people should quickly see who the messers are.
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    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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