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Thread: 7 pointer shot at 120m interesting reaction from does

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    7 pointer shot at 120m interesting reaction from does

    Nice stalk today and a 7 pointer.... just starting to come out of velvet Does didn't want to leave... bugger more velvet

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    Paul. Was there something up with one of the buck's forelegs? The right one perhaps? Regards JCS

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    Certainly seemed to be limping when it first got up.

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    yeh it looked that way but I think it was just the uneven grounds beside the fence, the front was fine with no problems I could see or feel but when it's skinned we might see something...

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    nice buck, shame it's not out of velvet, but needs must. very surprised how long it took to bleed out, am I right in thinking it was a quartering away shot that probably was a bit far back, but skimmed the edge of the lungs and went out where ideally, it should have gone in (right behind the far side shoulder)? just curious.

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    Good video and a nice buck mate..

    Leg does look a bit suspect as others have said.
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    my first thaughts were maybe alladins slippers but not sure how common that is up there ,see it all the time here in yorkshire but nice buck and good vid, atb wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by glogin View Post
    Was that your Tikka .223?
    Title on vid says 30-06?
    I agree, certainly does look like it was limping.
    Will you keep it with the velvet on?
    Our American cousins seem to like antlers in velvet.

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    It was shot with a guest and hit 30-06, wish I'd had the chance to shoot it with my .223 Tikka I hope it's mounted in velvet but the antler is hard at tips so it can be stripped and coloured as a hard antler mount.

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