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Thread: Range Trip 4-10-13

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    Range Trip 4-10-13

    Did the range thing today but did it after dinner this evening as I couldn't get outta bed early this morning !
    Only took four rifles !
    Marlin 444SS circa 2001 with a Weaver V9
    Marlin 444 circa 1968 with a Leupold Vari XIII 6.5-20AO
    Savage Axis 308 WIN with a Bushnell 3-9
    Ranger Arms LH 25-06 with a Redfield 3-9 Traditional !

    Four rifles against the bench !

    My buddies Savage Axis 308 , finally got this one where I wanted it with the Speer 165 pushed with IMR4064 .

    Played with my 1967 444 Target rifle some more with the RD 432-265GC and IMR8208 .

    My circa 2001 Marlin 444 shooting Mt Sourdoughs 433-425GC at 100 yards with Varget and RL-7 .

    Four targets I shoot with the 433-425GC . Think I need to try them all a bit more when I'm more focused just on the Big Boomer rather then all this other stuff !

    Wife's Ranger Arms LH 25-06 !

    Shot 6 groups with the 25-06 all with the Nosler 100 grain BT and pushed with IMR4831 , IMR4350 and IMR4007 .

    Wanna try the 25-06 with those three powders again and the 100 grainer !
    Also wanna try it with RL17 and RL19 as well .

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    My version of the Nosler reloading manual says that RL19 is the most accurate powder with the lighter 25-06 bullets. That's what I have always used but who can be so picky these days?

    That 53 grain load of 4350 looks good. I shall keep that in mind Muir. Thanks very much.
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    nice job 6pt, i'll place a bet on the 06 preferring RL-19, it works great in my 280 Rem.
    same case size, good luck !

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    Quote Originally Posted by tahoe2 View Post
    nice job 6pt, i'll place a bet on the 06 preferring RL-19, it works great in my 280 Rem.
    same case size, good luck !
    I shot a group with it last week using some of the ammo that came with it using a 120 grain unamed bullet and 44 grains of IMR4320 that kept 3 at 100 yards in .65" .

    I'm trying to get the Nosler 100 BT to shoot about 3/4" or less so it's a little easier on my wife .

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