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Thread: copper/ alloy rounds in .224 cal?

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    copper/ alloy rounds in .224 cal?

    has any1 got first hand experience of shooting deer with copper/alloy rounds(not lead)?

    as the new FC rules are next year i was looking into it and from what i have found online on small deer with .224 cal there is very little expansion and most deer run on some distance.

    i am look at a .223 for roe but if any of you are shoot any thing simalir at roe/munty/ CWD would be great to know about.



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    Yes but only on one deer. I shot a roe with a 52 or 53 grain barnes XLC at about 25 yards from a 22/250.
    The deer died faster than instantly if that is possible and there was no wasted meat which was a pleasant surprise for an impact velocity around 3600 fps. From what I recall these bullets were quite accurate in my rifle too. I think the XLC have now been superseded by the TSX and TTSX range.

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