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Thread: One of my best Roe to date

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    One of my best Roe to date

    Just a little write up to show what i was up to yesterday.

    I was out in the morning with the camera doing a bit of recon to see what is showing as i haven't had a chance to have a go at the Roe bucks yet due to too much uni work. I thought i would take my new camera i got for my 21st to see how it performed, here are the results..Attachment 26903Attachment 26904Attachment 26906Attachment 26907Attachment 26908Attachment 26909Attachment 26910Attachment 26911Attachment 26912Attachment 26913Attachment 26914Attachment 26915

    In the evening I went out with the rifle on the other end of the farm and after bumping a muntjac doe hidden up in cover i came across 5 roe out feeding on the wheat and took this nice buck out who was surrounded by does. I managed to forget my sticks so had to slip down into the ditch and use a fallen log as my rest. He dropped where he stood. He is one of the best heads i have taken.Attachment 26902

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    Your not bad with a camera. Nice looking ground and well done regarding the roe buck.

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    Well done tom you got the rifle sorted then ,was it the mounts in the end ?
    ​Cheers Norma

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Well done tom you got the rifle sorted then ,was it the mounts in the end ?
    ​Cheers Norma
    Cheers Doug, Yea they had been knocked slightly off center.

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    Well done Tom. Bet you're pleased with that head

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    Quote Originally Posted by PointBlank View Post
    Well done Tom. Bet you're pleased with that head
    Yes, I am Kevin! Not sure its worthy of a medal? But i really nice head none the less.

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    Great stuff mate, very nice little head!! Bring on SA!!
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    Great live pics!!!
    Very handy buck too... congrats

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    Nice pics Tom and a good result mate


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    Well done, Congratulations!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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