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    Hi folks it's a while since I've been a new boy at anything ! I have been shooting over 30 years, air rifle, shotgun, rimfire and recently centrefire. Married to a gamekeeper's daughter and I live in Cleveland. I have my DSC1 and I am nearly through my DSC2.


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    Welcome to the forum, Pro best of luck with your DSC2

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    Thanks DS, If I pass you will have to take some of the credit for your help & advice regarding DSC1 & 2.


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    Thanks pro. I'm off down to John Robbo's on the 20th so I'll try and leave you some deer!

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    DSC2 sorted

    DSC2 passed with flying colours and certificates framed and on the wall. Thanks to John Robbo - that's for the DSC2 by the way not the framing !!


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