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Thread: TPS rings for 30mm scope

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    TPS rings for 30mm scope


    A boxed set of TPS medium rings for 30mm scope has the wrench and a spare screw and the instructions too

    75 posted


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    Weekend bump

    Very solid rings brilliant on a picatinny rail


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    These are worth 75 quid of anyones money - excellent rings, all I ever use for picatinny fitment

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    thank you redmist

    i only swapped em out for a lower set of the same rings..still using TPS

    please note that as per picc above these rings are alloy steel NOT the cheaper aluminium ones


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    Agree with redmist great rings. I've got the steel and the alloy. Both superbly built. Imo best rings for the money you can buy

    I also like the design of tightening the left screws up fully. Then just check your cross-hair is lever before doing the right hand screws up.

    Once done you look through and cross-hair is still in same postion. Other rings drive you crazy when you think cross-hair is level. Then when you finish you look through and cross-hair has moved grrrrr

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    Thanks for positive comments guys


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    Offers ?


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    I wish i had checked here earlier, just bought a set of these in a shop locally and paid a lot more.


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