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Thread: Warne QD 26mm rings for SAKO

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    Warne QD 26mm rings for SAKO

    I have found in the back of my cupboard a set of medium height, Warne, blue steel, quick detachable scope rings with the tapered fitting for a SAKO action.
    They were originally 1" but I had them lathed out to 26mm to enable me to use an old Pecar scope I had at the time.
    I can't see much call for this size although it does leave room for anti-slip tape or such if you wanted to use them with a 1" scope.
    I reckon if anybody was to offer me 25.00 I could post them to you, nay bother.

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    Warne QD 26mm rings for SAKO

    Hi EMcC,

    If you still have the Warne QD rings I am very interested - I have a L461 Vixen and a spare 26mm Khales that I would like to mate.

    I would prefer postage ordinary Royal Mail and the destination is Australia if you would like to price postage.


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    Sorry Geoff, It would hardly be practical as the postage would cost more than the value of the items.
    By the way, welcome to the site, I'm sure we will all look forward to some of your posts describing your hunting exploits.

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