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Thread: Lee Loadmaster turret press

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    Lee Loadmaster turret press

    Hello Guys

    I've got a Lee Loadmaster turret press with both small and large primer attachment

    also has 4 shell holder discs for multi calibre reloading it can be used as a single stage press or multi stage!!

    it has 5 positions in the turret head for dies (1)decapping, (2)sizing/priming, (3)powder, (4)bullet seating, (5)crimp

    the ram is 1 1/4" diameter so is ultra strong, its got a built in spent primer catcher in the ram

    it has grease nipples on the linkages for long term reloading

    Looking for 180.00 posted

    postage on this is going to be quite expensive now Royal Mail have upped there prices last week



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    Hi mate got any pics reason for selling pm me

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    Looking to clean the last of my spare reloading gear ready for my imminent move so price reduced to 160.00 posted



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    Hi Lee,
    If Jagged77 doesn't beat me to it, I might be interested.
    Please can you tell me what calibre the shellplates are.
    And also whether the press comes with any of the attachments - powder measure, case-feed, primer feed etc.

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    Hello guys

    Need to clear the excess reloading gear as the house move is getting closer

    so the price is reduced to 120.00 posted

    an absolute bargain!!!


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