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Thread: Long term affects of Aflatoxin

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    Long term affects of Aflatoxin

    Has anyone any experience of long term impact of aflatoxin poisioning?

    Our whippet raided the bin and ate a substantial volume of mouldy cheese. It caused vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal tenderness followed by salivation and extreme muscle tremors to point of loss of balance. He has had fluids and charcoal and is better but very flat after 24hrs. Vet said it may have long term impact on liver function and he should eat high protein diet.

    Any other advice? back to the vets tomorrow for further check up.

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    One of those 'see how it goes' conditions. There are thousands of micotoxins and even if you test positive for one you don't know which others may be there.

    Treatment is supportive. Keeping an eye on some bloods over the coming months to see how the liver is coping.

    Unusual case - keep us informed.

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    Now taking fluids without me squirting it down him and hes had a little scrambled egg that combined with pricked ears when the fridge opened looks like progress is being made. Bloods in a month an then at 3 months. One more dose of charcoal tonight which has to be the hardest thing I have ever tried to adminster

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