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Thread: loads for 8x57 jrs

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    loads for 8x57 jrs

    does anyone have any pet loads for the 8x57 jrs round ? have brought a double rifle and would like to hear any relevent reloading data.

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    I don't have any pet loads that I would recommend but I would suggest looking at the Norma and Vihtavouri websites.
    I am presently loading Sellier & Bellot bullets and Vectan TU5000 powder in an attempt to reload as cheaply as possible and hopefully duplicate the results of the load that the rifle was regulated to.
    Usually a double rifle is supplied with a test target giving the load that puts both barrels in a 50mm circle at 50 or 60 Mtrs.
    The load that my rifle was adjusted to shoot is Norma Onyx.
    Let us know if you come across any particularly good sources of reloading information for this calibre.

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    thanks for the replys gut will try all sugestions and keep you posted, will find out if other 8x57 variants can be used in different cases and may have to try marks bullets.Have some puppy pictures for you mark will pm them to you.

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