HI i am a new member! hi to all of you guys/girls on the forum!

i am male 26 years old from the scottish borders! own a 22-250 Tikka lite and a .22 rimfire! use 55g soft nose for my roe deer and 50g bilistic for my fox shootng! i own my rifle ticket now for a year in scotland! i was born in south africa and moved here about 6 years ago! use to shoot in south africa plains game like impala and wathogg! was born on a farm in south africa so real farmers boy! i work her in scotland on a pig farm as a farm manager so have about 1200 acers on the pig farm to shoot on! i also have 800 acers of land on another farm were i shoot deer,fox and a lot of rabbits!

i have a good friend in aberdeen also on the forum who i go shooting with we are good shooting partners we know the game! i like the stalking in the uk it is very diffrent from back home but it is very good!

i shot my first trophy buck last year got a silver for it! shot it in the Rut on 16th of August 08 was a nice feeling to have shot a trophy buck! look forward to hear from all you guys on the forum!

cheers borders boy!