​Hi all,

Due to purchasing an AI AX308, this Sako is now somewhat surplus to requirements!

It started life as an L579 but has been rebarreled by Border with a 26" fluted non-threaded barrel and put into a McMillan stock. It has a 5rd internal magazine and comes with the Harris bipod pictured. I've fired 200 rounds through it and I bought it when it had had less than 150 rounds through it.
The scope is a Schmidt & Bender 8x56 Klassik with either A4 or A7 reticle, I can't remember which right now! It's in excellent condition.

For the whole package I'd like £1800 including RFD transfer. It can be picked up in person from West Sussex.

Anyway, enough with the words, here are some photos!

The rifle is advertised elsewhere!


Dr. S.