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Thread: My first Roe Buck of the Season

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    My first Roe Buck of the Season

    I've a high seat on about three acres 10 minutes from my house. The land owner is plagued by Roe as the surrounding farmers are deer huggers. It's a difficult shoot though as there's only 2 safe lines of fire and you have to stalk across the whole shoot (about 100 yds) to get to the only high seat. It has a caravan site on two sides, a house on the other, and a field I'm not allowed to retrieve from on the other!

    The cold weather has left me a little despondent with the shoot, as to avoid putting the deer off walking into this very small plot for a graze I find I've had to arrive 1hr+ before dawn and sit there dead still freezing my knackers off! I'd seen a couple crossing through (in front of the farm house!) but in 5 trips I'd had no safe shot, and only seen 2 deer.

    Monday morning saw me me up the high seat an hour before first light and feeling pretty confident - I'd stalked up to the seat without disturbing any roosting birds or snapping twigs (the roe sometimes bed down in the borders), and the temperature was at the dizzy high of 7 degrees! The wind was in my face, I had a fox wonder under the high seat, pigeons roosting overhead - everything seemed happy with me there and I was very confident a deer would show at any moment. I peeped a few times with the buttolo, one set every twenty five minutes or so (figured it couldn't hurt)...

    3 hours later I was busting for a pee and contemplating calling it a day! I had a final look round and suddenly noticed a white disc floating around inside one of the poly tunnels near the house. It turned out to be a roe bucks backside - he'd come in along the hedgerow next to the house and entered the polytunnel via a route I couldn't see until he was in there. Again I had no shot so I bit my finger and held my bladder for another 15 minutes, as I knew that there were 2 exits they were using and one of them would take him about 30 yds from my high seat. Fingers crossed (and legs!).

    He appeared where I hoped he would but was obscured by trees so again had to bite my finger and stop my leg jiggling. I slowly moved so I was sitting on the footrest of the high seat as I wouldn't get a shot otherwise - he looked straight at me and I froze, after a bladder-straining few minutes he relaxed and began browsing again whilst working his way to the exit. He came clear of the tree branches so I let out a soft "pssst" to stop him... no response... "PSSSSST!" he stopped, slightly quartering, so I put one in his shoulder to exit the ribs on the other side. He dropped on the spot.

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    The gralloch showed I'd destroyed the heard and lungs, and would even be able to use one of the shoulders.

    That night I was called out to an RTA - another buck but this time in lousy condition and no enjoyment had other than ending suffering. 38 special to the head (this time with no problems!).

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    Nice one, congratulations!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Nice one mate, wll done!

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