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Thread: Tracer Tri-Star Pro Gunlight - Mint Condition - never used - £OFFERS

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    Tracer Tri-Star Pro Gunlight - Mint Condition - never used £100

    3 x High Power LEDsThis high performance LED combined with sophisticated circuitry is capable of producing an impressive and powerful 300m Beam.
    LED's can take a massive amount of punishment. They do not burn out or fail like conventional torch bulbs and are less vulnerable to impact damage if you drop the torch

    Stock Mounted Pressure Switch with Variable Power
    Easily turn the torch On/Off and adjust the brightness setting whilst securely holding your firearm.

    High performance driver circuit
    Designed to provide a constant current output extending battery life and maintaining brightness for longer.

    The Ultimate Reflector
    Designed to produce a brilliant spot beam.

    Universal Weapons Mount
    Easily attach to a 1 inch or 30mm weapons scope.

    Built in Fuel Gauge
    With the built in Tracer fuel gauge you can check the power level remaining in the battery. A touch of the button shows how much energy remains and whether you need to recharge.

    Lighter. Smaller. Better.
    Just ¼ of the weight of a traditional sealed lead acid battery, this 4Ah. 12V lithium polymer battery pack weighs just 360 grams and will easily fit in a coat pocket or clip to your belt. Gone are the days of carrying heavy lead-acid batteries. You won't believe the difference!
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    I use one of these
    cracking lights

    massive advantage over the fashionable torch style LED is that these come with a stock mounted on/off dimmer switch and can be flipped from red/amber to white in a second.

    ​very good for lamp shy targets

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