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Thread: Help identify these newborns

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    Help identify these newborns

    Hi All,

    While picking up the remains of a bale of straw in the garden, near the bottom was a small mass of soft grey/brown fur. Inside this nest were four newborn babies which I want to identify. The tails are not visible in the photos, but were only about 1 cm long.

    Your help much appreciated!

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    Would they be rabbits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by .25-06 View Post
    Would they be rabbits?

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    Rabbits for def. I was doing the exact same thing a month ago.

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    they are rabbit kits.

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    Thanks Guys,

    I had no idea that rabbits gave birth above ground!


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    Quote Originally Posted by wikedwickedmotox View Post
    Yes, they're leverets. Rabbits are born underground and naked, whereas leverets are born with fur. I take it these little guys didn't make it?

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    I would go with leverets, ears look too big for kits.

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    For Christ sake I can't take this anymore. Hares are born looking like small round hares. Eyes open, hair on and able to run in less than 24 hours! If you check the fur in the nest you will see that it is rabbit fur. It's not a question or up for debate, they are rabbit kits!
    The OP wasn't after a vote on it, he wanted to know what they were! If you don't know the answer then why post a reply? The same goes for all the posts on this site!
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