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Thread: daihatsu four track

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    daihatsu four track

    eney one got eney thing good or bad to say about these 4x4 jeeps 2.8 turbo deisel thanks

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    very good trucks but old technology so not that fuel efficient and haven't been produced for a fair while so they are getting on. Mechanicals tend to be fine while the bodies rot round them, which is the big thing to watch out for tin worm. I had one for years and loved it but 27mpg or so and eventually I sold it when holes started appearing.

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    The fourtraks are very good mechanically however they suffer from very bad chassis rot. Very good work horses, great for towing.

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    As above, good mechanically, body work like Ford but they are great off road.

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    My old man had four tracks for years he never had any micanical issues just rust that was only issues. He use to keep the for three years then sell due to high mileage he use to do. I share one with my neighbor now for bringing firewood out of the forest and its awesome never got stuck and easily goes up hills showing lime stone so not alot to gripping.

    What you contemplate in use in one for...??

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    if you find a good one plaster it with wax oil and good to go.

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    put 200k miles on mine great tow truck ,it could snap springs for fun ,if they had fitted a three point link it would plough

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    sills and behind plastic wheel arch's rot , thats the only bad points i can think of , only needed to change prop shaft UJ's.

    go anywhere trucks and will pull anything!!

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    Very good.
    Still miss mine. Brilliant for towing.
    Fairly low-tech, and will run fine on straight vegetable oil.

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    My stalking buddy has one and it goes anywhere great old bus and wish they had kept making something similar now .milner 4x4 for parts as original stuff is expensive .

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