Deerhunter Smallville Trousers with Hitena

Deerhunter Smallville Trousers with Hitena Smallville is especially developed for hunting in the tough nature. This series is designed for the demanding hunter and dog handler requesting a strong but also comfortable outfit. In addition to the breathable, water and windproof Deer-Tex membrane that makes the garment suitable for all kinds of weather. Smallville has 3 fabric layers, the outer shell and two mesh layers. Mesh is a net lining that transports the humidity away from the body. Furthermore the wearing surfaces are reinforced with Hitena, a material with extra ordinary high wearing qualities. Trousers have a high back lines with fleece to keep you warm as well as tough Hitena for the roughest of conditions when beating,
shooting,stalking or dog training.
size available is 36 inch
price £70 delivered
pm me if your interested